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At Procyon Networks we have a vast experience in performance analysis, network monitoring and installing the best WiFi you’ve ever had.

We (re)design your network, monitor your network performances, secure your business and train and enable your IT department to work more efficiently. With a strong personal service oriented touch, we are always in search for the best solution, therefor we are vendor neutral since the year 2000.

        WiFi        Security

Our partners are world leaders in their field of expertise. Ruckus Wireless brings the best WiFi to wide urban projects, campuses, hotels and stadiums. Fortinet secures your network and SolarWinds monitors it all.

Our clients are major players in their sector. We have long lasting relationships with hospitals and telecom providers who cannot afford the risk of a bad network. For industries we provide the same high end service and secure their data. As where in education we provide reliable and future proof WiFi from elementary schools to Universities.

Trainingen        Performance Analyse        Trouble Shooting 

Healthcare: Utrecht Medisch Centrum, Maxima Medisch Centrum, Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis
Industry: Eupen AG, Komatsu, Vitens, Terberg
Education: Several primary schools, Jan van Brabant College, Rotterdam School of Arts, Amsterdam University of the Arts
Logistics: Katoen Natie, KLG, Flex
Telecom: BT, Vodafone
Governmental, local and NGO: Safety Councel Rotterdam Region, Safety Councel Brabant Region, City of Venray



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