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Ad-hoc Mobile Network anywhere you want

VP-Anygrid is a dynamic, wireless network that is automatically created, simply because you and your colleagues are there. You bring your own adaptive backbone to share resources and communicate to the outside world. VP-Anygrid takes mesh networking to the next level.

VP-Anygrid – beyond mesh

Using mobile, portable and stationary ‘nodes’, VP-Anygrid creates a dynamic wireless LAN where you want it. Within the grid, all users use normal WiFi equipment to communicate fast and securely. Deploying the grid over a large are requires no configuration whatsoever. The network is completely auto configuring and self-healing. By combining a highly resilient wireless mesh with our own VP-Anylink technology, your network can also be used to communicate to outside resources like the Internet or your back-office applications.

When you simply need to take your network with you
VP-Anygrid will move, change and scale any way you want it to. Using vehicles in the grid eliminates the need for manual installation. Repositioning your network is as simple as driving your car to where you want to be. Where your team needs to communicate, they just need to bring their cars. Using the grid, office applications, Voice over IP (VoIP), streaming video and centralized information systems are available to all users. It’s like taking your office with you, fast and simple.

Share, combine, coordinate
In a crisis, several organizations may need to combine efforts in on location. Now, they can also share resources. Different grids can be joint into one large wireless network. Although each organization remains isolated from the others, the larger gridcan be used by everyone. If needed, part of the network can be made accessible for every participating organization to coordinate the crisis management effort. A shared grid can create 100% cooperation while maintaining 100% isolation.

Integrate with fixed mesh networks
A mobile VP-Anygrid can also be integrated into a stationary grid. A city-wide mesh network can be used to communicate with mobile grid nodes.

VP-Anygrid’s unique features:

  • Ad-hoc mobile wireless network
  • VP-Anylink technology for ‘outside world’ connections
  • Scalable
  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Auto-configuring
  • Self-healing
  • Uses mobile, portable and fixed nodes
  • Can integrate into a fixed wireless mesh infrastructure

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