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Starting right now it is possible. Mobile data communications without limitations. Maximum speed and complete coverage. Anywhere, any time. Secure and reliable. It may sound unlikely. Too good to be true, but we did it anyway. Please read on an be pleasantly suprised.

Because of the modular nature of our solution we can utilize current and future communications media. This creates a reliable combination of speed, availability and security. All of this in the form of a mobile connection to the Internet or your company network.

Maximum coverage and maximum speed
To ensure maximum coverage and speed, multiple channels (GPRS, UMTS, EDGE, HSDP, HSUPA and Satellite tranceivers) are used. When needed, the VP-Anylink technology also supports fixed media (e.g. ADSL). The diversity of media and providers guarantees optimal availability. By combining these connections into a transparant bundle, a high speed is attained. You can access the Internet and your own information systems. Anywhere and any time. Even when used in a fast-moving vehicle your connection will remain stable.  You are permanently connected. Fast and secure.

VP-Anylink distributes the data packets over multiple channels, which makes eavesdropping impossible. Additionally, our product offers optional encryption of virtually any level. All of your traffic to the Internet or company network is protected by firewalls. Even the use of your own VPN solutions is no problem whatsoever. To all connected devices the VP-Anylink connection is completely transparant.

Are you responsible for the trouble-free operation of mobile data communications? Then you will instantly recognize the advantages our solution offers. Our knowledge of – and experience with – critical business processes have lead to the development of this new product. VP-Anylink offers many advantages: easy deployment, scalability, flexibility and above all reliability.
When active, every unit is monitored through our Continuous Pro-active Scan (CPS) solution. This ensures trouble-free operation and maximum control.

VP-Anylink’s unique features:

  • Scalable bandwidth
  • 100% signal coverage
  • High availability of the connection
  • Suitable as a workgroup solution
  • Security through data distribution, encryption and firewalls
  • Every connection is pro-actively managed through CPS
  • Plug & Play
  • Works in (moving) vehicles
  • Bandwidth aggregation of any available mobile or fixed media (e.g. HSDPA, Satellite, ADSL)
  • Fast return on investment (ROI)

Specificaties zullen spoedig volgen. Excuses voor het ongemak.

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VP-Anylink Cisco-Essent (Dutch)

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